CAGV Special 2012 Election Edition

In this Special 2012 Election Edition, CAGV’s goal is to help the community and our members become more informed about issues of concern regarding reasonable gun control legislation and public safety and how the various candidates running for office view this issue; wherever possible, we site their statements and voting records.  As a nonpartisan organization, CAGV endeavors to be informative about the issue of gun violence as regards the positions of candidates running for office.  Not all candidates running in the November 2012 election are represented here. If you wish to learn more about other candidates, please go to: www. and you may also research their individual websites.

CAGV believes that our elected officials must acknowledge that gun violence is a health, safety, social and economic problem and take an active role in protecting our communities by passing reasonable gun laws. There are 260 million Americans who do not own guns, and many do not wish to. Eighty-one percent of Americans say that gun control will be an important issue in determining their votes. Many politicians back gun control measures and are elected and re-elected. Let us support these courageous people who follow their principles and take the lead to reduce violence and promote safety with reasonable gun control measures.

Toni Wellen is the chair of the Santa Barbara Coalition Against Gun Violence. She lives in Carpinteria.