What do you think about the President’s Proposals?

Dear Friend,

Today, President Obama released the recommendations of Vice President’s Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention delineating specific steps to take to reduce gun violence in our society. The recommendations include a comprehensive approach to preventing and reducing gun violence in America, while protecting the rights of law abiding gun owners.

Some of the Task Force’s recommendations include:

1) Closing background check loopholes to keep guns out of dangerous hands
2) Banning military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines to reduce gun violence
3) Making schools safer and giving local communities the opportunity to hire up to 1,000 school resource officers and mental health personnel
4) Improving mental health services to make sure students and young adults get treatment for mental health issues and ensure coverage of mental health treatment

For the most part, many of these proposals are not new. For example, California already requires universal background checks and bans high capacity magazines and assault rifles. According to a recent report in the Sacramento Bee, while sales of guns have increased in California, incidents of injury and deaths from gun violence have simultaneously decreased.

I’d like to hear what you think of the Task Force Recommendations.

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Lois Capps

Toni Wellen is the chair of the Santa Barbara Coalition Against Gun Violence. She lives in Carpinteria.