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March 5, 1981 — January 10, 2001
Laura’s Law was named after Laura Wilcox who was shot and killed by a seriously mentally ill person in 2001. Amanda and Nick Wilcox, Laura’s parents, worked to advocate forAssembly Bill 1421 now known as Laura’s Law, which was signed into law by Governor Gray Davis in 2002.

CAGV Supports Laura’s Law for Santa Barbara County

In California there is a lack of support services for families who attempt unsuccessfully to obtain help for a mentally ill family member. This is sometimes due to limited county facilities or lack of decent housing; therefore countless chronically mentally ill patients bounce from the street to the jail to the hospital and back again, […]

Public Town Hall Forum Sept. 28th • 3-5pm SBCC Fé Bland Forum

Public Town Hall Forum Sept. 28th • 3-5pm SBCC Fé Bland Forum

CAGV is sponsoring a Town Hall Community Forum to discuss a major national concern about why American culture continues to experience violence against women. The event will begin with the first showing in Santa Barbara of a powerful documentary by Jackson Katz, Ph.D., Creator and Primary Writer of “TOUGH GUISE 2: Violence, Manhood & American Culture.” The […]

Governor Signs Bill to Strengthen “Unsafe Handgun” Law

Governor Signs Bill to Strengthen “Unsafe Handgun” Law

 AB 1964 was a Top Priority of California Brady Campaign. Sacramento, Calif. – Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1964 on July 18th — legislation that will close a loophole that has allowed gun dealers to skirt California law and sell handguns without safety features. This legislation was a top priority of the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign […]

June 12, 2014. Las Vegas, NV

Jerad and Amanda Miller randomly killed two police officers who were eating in a pizza restaurant. The Millers considered law enforcement as oppressors. They placed a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and a Nazi swastika on one officer and left a note saying, “This is the beginning of the revolution,” on the other officer’s body, […]

July 12, 2014. Pasadena, CA

John Izeal Smith, 35, is accused of shooting and killing three people in a possible tenant-landlord dispute. Smith, barricaded inside a home, fired heavily at police officers with a rifle. Bullets struck two police cars. Police had responded to multiple calls of gunfire and someone shooting indiscriminately at people passing by. One man who rushed […]