2014 California State Legislation. Victory Update!

(Image above: Assemblymember Das Williams and Amanda Wilcox, Legislation & Policy Chair, CA Brady Campaign Chapters Testifying on AB 1014 at a Senate Public Safety Committee Hearing June 2014.)

AB 1964 UNSAFE HANDGUN – SINGLE SHOT EXEMPTION – Dickinson, (Sacramento) SIGNED INTO LAW JULY 18th BY GOVERNOR BROWN! California law requires that all semiautomatic handguns models sold in the state pass a series of safety tests and possess certain features to be placed on the roster of handguns approved for sale.

AB 1591 FIREARMS: PROHIBITED PERSONS NOTIFICATION – Achadjian, (San Luis Obispo) SIGNED INTO LAW JULY 18th BY GOVERNOR BROWN! Under current law, courts are required to notify the Department of Justice within two days of taking certain actions that result in a person becoming prohibited from possessing a firearm. This bill will require those notifications be made within 24 hours.

AB 1014 GUN VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDERS – Skinner, (Berkeley) This bill will establish a process to allow law enforcement, immediate family members, or licensed therapists and health care providers to obtain a Gun Violence Restraining Order when a person is at risk of injury to self or others by having a firearm.

AB 1609 ENFORCEMENT OF INTERSTATE GUN TRAFFICKING LAWS – Alejo, (Watsonville) Federal law makes it illegal to purchase a firearm outside of California and bring it into the state unless the firearm is shipped to a licensed dealer in California to complete the transaction. Federal authorities do not have the resources to enforce this law and California has no authority governing these transactions. This bill would make California law consistent with federal law and give prosecutorial authority to law enforcement. This bill would ensure that the purchase of firearms from out of state would be fully subject to California’s strong laws and would reduce firearm trafficking from out of state.

AB 2305 WEAPONS – Ridley-Thomas, (Los Angeles) It is generally illegal to carry a concealed firearm “upon” a person unless the person has a valid permit to do so. This bill would replace the word “upon” with the words “on or about”. This makes it clear that carrying a firearm in a handbag or backpack without a permit would also be illegal.

SB 293 OWNER AUTHORIZED HANDGUNS – DeSaulnier, (Concord) This bill would require that two years after at least two owner-authorized handguns are certified for sale in California, new models of handguns must have owner-authorized technology so that the gun can only be fired by authorized users. This personalization technology must be a permanent programmable biometric or other feature that is part of the gun’s original design and manufacture.

SB 505 PEACE OFFICERS: WELFARE CHECKS – Jackson, (Santa Barbara) This bill would require a peace officer who is asked to check on the welfare or well-being of an individual based upon a concern that the individual is a potential danger to self or others, to first conduct a search of the Department of Justice Automated Firearms System to determine whether the person is the registered owner of any firearm.

SB 580 FIREARMS SAFETY & ENFORCEMENT SPECIAL FUND Jackson, (Santa Barbara) This bill would appropriate money from the Firearms Safety and Enforcement Special Fund to redesign and modernize the Department of Justice’s firearm data systems and provide training to local law enforcement agencies on the use of the Automated Firearms System. This bill would provide funds for contracting with local law enforcement agencies to disarm individuals under the Armed and Prohibited Persons System (APPS) program.

SB 53 AMMUNITION PURCHASE REGLATION – De Leon, (Los Angeles) This bill will regulate the sale of ammunition in California by requiring sellers of ammunition to be licensed by the state and also require ammunition purchasers to complete a background check.

SB 808 FIREARMS: IDENTIFYING INFORMATION – De Leon, (Los Angeles) This bill would require a person who manufactures or assembles a firearm to apply to the department for a unique serial number or other identifying mark permanently engraved. Prior to issuing the serial number the applicant would have to pass a background check. This information would be kept on record.


HR 4806  Pause for Safety Act – Congresswoman Lois Capps (Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties) and

 S. 2445  Pause for Safety Act  — Senator Barbara Boxer (CA with co-sponsors, Senators Dianne Feinstein (CA) and Richard Blumenthal (CT)

Both of these bills would help ensure that family members can go to a court to seek a “gun violence prevention order” to temporarily stop someone who poses a threat to themselves or others from purchasing or possessing a gun and ensure that a court can issue a “gun violence prevention warrant,” if the court determines the individual poses a threat to themselves of others.  These bills ensure that law enforcement can make full use of all existing state and local gun databases when investigating a warning or request from a family member.