Action Alert: UC Regents Gun Industry Divestment

In the wake of the tragedy in Isla Vista, California, the University of California Santa Barbara community,, CAGV and others have come together to turn grief into action. Along with students, faculty and alumni we are demanding action from the University of California:  Transparency of its $88 billion endowment and a ban on all future investments in the gun industry.  The UC has had investments in its portfolio with gun manufacturers. The effort asking UC to cancel all gun manufacturing investments is called “divestment.” Campaign2 has submitted a Public Information Act request but has not received the list of UC holdings.

UC maintains it has complied with this request but will not share the necessary information. The UC community deserves to know whether its institution is helping to fund gun violence; and the governing board of the University of California has a moral obligation to take a clear stance against investing in the gun industry that continues to endanger students.

The UC Regents should stand with UCSB and fight to prevent more senseless gun violence by pledging it will not invest in gun manufacturers.

Currently UCSB and UCI have passed a resolution for UC Regents to divest its holdings in gun manufacturers as did the UC Student Association – a group that represents the entire UC System. Allie Clement, Campus Organizer with and @Campaign2Unload is currently working on a petition for signatures that will go before the UC Board of Regents. She is also coordinating the campaign with a student who sits on the Board of Regents. CAGV is supporting this effort encouraging UC students and alumni to use social media to spread the word.



On May 21st, Bob Weiss, the father of Veronika who was murdered in Isla Vista, and others from the UCSB community will be going to the Board of Regents meeting at UC San Francisco: Mission Bay to deliver the petition (link: and demand action! The petition will be delivered during the public comment section of the meeting at 8:30 AM. Will you join us to ask Janet Napolitano and the UC Board of Regents for answers?

Are you able to go to UCSF and be part of the petition delivery? We need all the help we can get to support Bob Weiss and the UCSB students. Please contact Allie Clement at if you would like to be involved.

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