CAGV & Veterans For Peace VIGIL Dec 6th

The Coalition Against Gun Violence & Santa Barbara’s Veterans for Peace invite the Santa Barbara community to join together to “REMEMBER AND RECOMMIT” Memorial Vigil for San Bernardino Victims of Gun Violence & All Victims of Gun Violence

WHERE: The Santa Barbara Veterans for Peace, Chapter 54 Costs of Wars demonstration (Cabrillo Blvd. and State)
WHEN: 1:00pm, Sunday, December 6, 2015
WHO: Coalition Against Gun Violence, Veterans for Peace, Elected officials, various community organizations and THE PUBLIC

The Coalition Against Gun Violence and Veteran’s for Peace are sponsoring this event in solidarity with communities across our nation, as we join to remember the 14 victims and 21 wounded at San Bernardino, CA plus all victims of gun violence in America and to all veterans/ costs of wars demonstrations. Our focus is a re-dedication and a renewed call to action to reduce violence in this season during which we often speak about peace. Together, each in our individual lives will dedicate ourselves to holding peace in our hearts and extending outward with thought and action.

For information contact Toni Wellen at (805) 684-8434.