IN LOVING MEMORY: Tree of Life Synagogue Worshippers Lost To Gun Violence

The Coalition Against Gun Violence (CAGV), A Santa Barbara County Coalition extends our expressions of condolence to the families who have lost loved ones along with appreciation to the first responders whose courage may have saved others. As has too often been said, thoughts and prayers are an insufficient response to the slaughter of innocent people by Gun Violence. Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue has been assaulted with death and racial hatred. Jewish tradition provides a very powerful and brief sacred phrase at the time of death: “Baruch Dayan Ha’emet,” meaning “blessed is the true judge.”

Joyce Feinberg, 75 • Richard Gottfried, 65 • Rose Mallinger, 97 • Jerry Rabinowitz, 66 • Cecil Rosenthal, 59 • David Rosenthal, 54 • Bernice Simon, 84 • Sylvan Simon, 86 • Daniel Stein, 71 • Melvin Wax, 88 • Irving Younger, 69.
A CANDLELIGHT VIGIL WAS HELD OCT 29th at 6PM in Santa Barbara’s De La Guerra Plaza to mourn the victims of the TREE OF LIFE SYNAGOGUE shooting and to mourn all victims of Gun Violence.

Year 2016:  5.3 million Jews live in the United States, accounting for approximately 2.2 percent of the U.S. adult population.  According to hate crime statistics a breakdown of the offenses showed that approximately 54% were anti-Jewish, 24% were anti-Islamic and 4.1% were anti-Catholic.

“Jewish history cannot be told as the history of the Jews only, because they have nearly always lived within the context of other civilizations. The destiny of the Jews has paralleled the destinies of those same civilizations, except in one important respect. Somehow the Jews managed to escape the cultural death of each of the civilizations within which they dwelled and continue their cultural growth. How did they survive?” Max Dimont, author  “Jews, God and History”

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