SUPPORT HR.8 & HR.1112 Require Background Checks on All Gun Sales

96 PEOPLE KILLED EACH DAY WITH A GUN. US Congress must take action to save lives. That’s why House Democrats introduced #HR8 (require universal background checks for the sale of firearms) & #HR1112 (legislation that would address the dangerous “Charleston Loophole,” which currently allows some people prohibited from owning guns to purchase them before a background check is completed) Call your Member of Congress today, and demand they vote YES on #HR8 and #HR1112. Find out which Members of Congress have NOT yet cosponsored the background check bills that 97% of Americans support. Congress has NOT passed a single gun control bill in 25 yrs. Tell them to take action to #EndGunViolence or we will #VoteThemOut. Here is a list of House Democrats who have NOT yet cosponsored HR8 or HR1112 to require background checks on all gun sales. Please give them a call!
• Bishop Jr., Sanford D., Georgia 2nd (202) 225-3631
• Golden, Jared, Maine 2nd (202) 225-6306
• Peterson, Collin C., Minnesota 7th (202) 225-2165
• Torres Small, Xochitl, New Mexico 2nd (202) 225-2365
• Brindisi, Anthony, New York 22nd (202) 225-3665
• Horn, Kendra, Oklahoma 5th (202) 225-2132
• Gonzalez, Vicente, Texas 15th (202) 225-2531
• Cuellar, Henry Texas 28th (202) 225-1640
• McAdams, Ben, Utah 4th (202) 225-3011
• Kind, Ron, Wisconsin 3rd (202) 225-5506

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