TAKE ACTION! Call Your Legislative Reps to Support These Bills:

The Coalition Against Gun Violence is asking our supporters to call and support these 6 bills below:
• SB 55 (Jackson) Individuals who have committed two offenses driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances within a three-year period will not be able to purchase a firearm for 10 years. This bill is about prevention based on research done by the California Firearm Research Center at UC Davis.
• SB 61 (Portantino) Extends existing law that limits purchases of new handguns per month, to long guns, including semiautomatic rifles.
• AB 1064 (Muratsuchi) Gun dealers must install security cameras to videotape all firearm sales to deter illegal activity.
• AB 165 (Gabriel) Requires training of law enforcement regarding the Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO).
• AB 276 (Friedman) Requires a firearm to be securely stored (with a DOJ-approved firearm safety device) when left in a residence.
• AB 879 (Gipson) Requires the sale of firearm parts (unfinished frames and receivers) to be processed through a licensed firearm vendor pursuant to a background check.

TAKE ACTION! on the above bills by calling our legislative representative saying that as a constituent, you support these bills.

• Senator  Hannah-Beth Jackson is on the Public Safety Committee that will be hearing and reviewing these bills:  Phone 916-651-4019

• Assemblymember Monique Limón: Phone 916—319-2036

If you prefer to send a personal letter, CAGV has a sample letter.  Contact us at sbcagv@gmail.com and you will receive copies of all 6 letters of support. THANK YOU!

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