CAGV Anonymous Gun Buyback June 15, 2019

This year the Coalition Against Gun Violence celebrates its 24th anniversary, and we are proud to present our 5th Annual Anonymous Gun Buyback on Saturday, June 15th at Earl Warren Show Grounds, 8 am – Noon. (updated 6/10/2019)

In the past four years CAGV has held very successful Gun Buybacks and removed over 1200 firearms from our streets. It took New Zealand 26 days to ban and buyback assault weapons. The Santa Barbara City Council has granted CAGV $10,000 along with the superlative efforts of the Santa Barbara Police Department for the past two years. Los Angeles County funds and holds two gun backs annually in two locations. CAGV has documented people coming to our 4 previous gun buybacks to turn in firearms from communities all over the Central Coast. Gun Buybacks are an effective way to remove unwanted guns from our community. Why would someone have a gun that they no longer want? Perhaps they inherited the gun or no longer use or want the gun in their home. Additionally, many people’s circumstances change over time so they may now wish to remove firearm access from: children or other family members; elderly with dementia; individuals with mental illness; those at risk of suicide; volatile, hot-headed individuals (teenagers with poor judgment); and people involved in emotional conflicts (abuse, relationship break-ups).

Our state, our cities, our schools, and our communities are dealing with an epidemic of death by firearms that only gun violence prevention organization efforts can help. Gun Buybacks are an effective way to remove unwanted guns from our community. We ask you, our supporters, our members, our Partner Organizations to step forward and donate whatever amount you can to help fund this important effort. One less gun might save more than one life.


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