Message From CAGV Chair Toni Wellen

DEAR CAGV MEMBERS & SUPPORTERS: We can all feel the cries of people standing in deep sorrow against gun violence, but must it only happen after being faced with the lifelong traumatic impacts of lives lost senselessly to gun violence? People are saying, “we don’t want prayers, sympathy or tears, we want action.”

It has been 20 years since the tragedy of Columbine, and other multiple horrors, including Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and too many more to name. School shootings have become a common event in America. We are teaching children how to be safe at school from gun violence along with reading and math. This is the reality for American school children.

It took six days for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand to immediately ban sales of military style semi-automatic guns and hold a national gun buyback. Former Prime Minister John Howard and all Australia’s states and territories united to introduce sweeping gun law reforms just 12 days after the then world’s worst civilian firearm massacre in 1996. A New York Times article last year explained, “The Australian model won’t work in the United States. Here’s why: Australians have a profoundly different relationship with weapons. Americans love guns. We’re scared of them.” Americans need to take responsibility: if you don’t actively support gun violence prevention you can’t expect different results. Please participate and #HonorWithAction! Toni Wellen, CAGV Chair

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