Join Us Sunday, September 29th for CAGV’S Twenty-Fourth Anniversary Celebration/Fundraiser


The Coalition Against Gun Violence will hold its 24th Anniversary Celebration/Fundraiser on Sunday, September 29, at the historic Santa Barbara Club, 1105 Chapala Street, from 2:30 until 5:30 pm. We will enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres, food theme tables, wine and no-host bar, plus beverages and dessert. Additionally we will have a Silent Auction and be entertained by the San Marcos High School Jazz Band.

CAGV’s 24th Anniversary “DOCTORS ‘IN THEIR LANE’ SAVING LIVES” will honor three local members of the medical profession Doctors Robert Kanard, Sara Nimmons and Jason Prystowsky who are witnesses and first responders to situations involving injuries or deaths by firearms. As members of the medical profession they have taken an oath “First Do No Harm” and uphold a special responsibility to advise their patients and the public concerning health and safety issues including the prevention of firearm-related injuries.

One of the leading threats to the health of our nation is access to firearms. The plethora and easy access to firearms has caused 40,000 deaths annually, which is literally an epidemic. 100 Americans die daily and hundreds more are wounded. The speakers at CAGV’s 24th Anniversary Celebration are among the thousands of medical personnel saving lives daily in hospitals across our nation. Tears, prayers and hopes are what the families of the wounded are experiencing in hospital waiting rooms as doctors and medical staff work with dedication and diligence to save lives of gunshot victims. Their tireless efforts are not broadcast on the nightly news. We honor our speakers and other doctors across America as unsung heroes and heroines.

CAGV’s 2019 Anniversary Celebration/Fundraiser will also pay tribute to its Co-founder and Chair of a quarter century, Toni Wellen, for her many years dedicated to helping make Santa Barbara County a safer place to live and for her tireless effort in organizing with countless gun violence prevention organizations across the country to raise awareness of gun violence as a health and safety issue; and raising CAGV’s role as the only active gun violence prevention organization on the central coast for the past 24 years.

You can purchase an Ad in CAGV’s 24th Anniversary Program to congratulate Toni Wellen, purchase tickets, make donations here (a large portion of all the funds received from this event will go toward the 2020 Gun Buyback):


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