Toni Wellen, CAGV Chair Emeritus

Hello to CAGV Steering Committee, Partner Orgs, Members & Supporters:

As you know I stepped down as Chair of CAGV in December 2019, and am now officially CAGV, Chair Emeritus. CAGV continues as a viable 501c3 nonprofit. I am continuing to monitor CA State Gun Violence Prevention Legislation and write CAGV support letters. Additionally every month the Mesa Paper features my OpEd in English and Spanish.

Since February 2020, the focus of the Gun Violence Prevention community has been on COVID-19 and its effects on gun violence. CAGV’s website is still active thanks to desktop publisher Laura Lynch, who also continues to post for CAGV regularly on Social Media – CAGV Facebook GROUP:; CAGV Facebook PAGE:; TWITTER:

CAGV has hundreds of supporters, in addition to our Partner Organizations. CAGV is unique as the only nationally known grassroots nonprofit gun violence organization. To maintain this status achieved over 25 years, we need a new Chairperson. Supporters, step forward to keep this organization viable. Gun violence is taking on a wider and more deadly role this year due to political division, massive gun purchasing and COVID fears. CAGV needs renewal and members to step up to the challenge ahead of us. Keep CAGV alive.

I will remain in the background as an advisor as needed. BEST WISHES and STAY SAFE.

Toni Wellen, CAGV Chair Emeritus.

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