Biden Announces New Gun Violence Prevention Measures

Biden targets ‘ghost guns’ and ‘red flag’ laws in new gun control measures

The president wants to curb the spread of homemade firearms that lack traceable serial numbers.

“In my over 30 years in gun violence prevention, the plan outlined by President Biden to address gun violence is the most comprehensive and ambitious I’ve ever seen from a presidential administration. The executive actions the president unveiled today signal important steps forward to address the epidemic of gun violence, and that the time for waiting is over. Too many Americans have felt the horrific effects of American gun violence, and are united at record levels demanding action to prevent further gun violence.”Joshua M. Horwitz, CSGV President

“I thought Biden’s speech today had a perfect tone. It was clear, factual, and empathetic. He is addressing issues we at Brady have advocated for and in California, Nick and I have worked on – including ghost guns and our GVRO (aka red flag) law – for a long time. THANK YOU PRESIDENT BIDEN!”Amanda Wilcox, Brady Campaign

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