24th Annual Fundraiser – Purchase Sponsorship(s), Ticket(s), Ad(s) or Donate

Step 1A:  Purchase Options
Sponsorship(s), Ticket(s) and Ad(s) are options available for purchase this year.  Click the pop-down menu below to add an option to a secure PayPal Shopping Cart.  You can adjust the quantity of the selected item(s) once they have been added to your ‘cart’.

Select Option(s) – Adjust Qty In Cart

HELPFUL TIPS:  After you have selected an option from the pop-down list, click on ‘Add to Cart’ button.  A new browser window (or tab) will open and display the contents of your secure PayPal Cart.   There you can adjust the quantity of the option just added, OR, if you would like to add another Option to your Cart, click on the ‘Continue Shopping’ link in the top right corner of the browser window.  Repeat Step 1A above until you are satisfied with what is displayed in your cart.  You can ‘CheckOut’ using your PayPal account or by using a major credit card (no PayPal account required).

Step 1B
:  Unable to Attend?!  Top-Bidder For A Silent Auction Item!?

If you are unable to attend but would like to make a contribution to CAGV’s Annual Fundraiser event OR need to donate for a Silent Auction item you outbid others for during the event, click on the ‘Donate’ button below to submit your contribution online via PayPal using a major credit card (no PayPal account required).

HELPFUL TIPS: When your PayPal transaction is complete, you should receive an email from PayPal (check your junk/spam folder) with the details of your purchase. You will need to locate that email to Copy and Paste the PayPal Transaction # towards the bottom of your Event Response form (See Step 2).  Close the PayPal browser window (or tab) and return to this page (should still be open) and continue with Step 2.

Step 2: Complete Your Event Response Form

Thumbnail of PDF file.


Regardless of how you choose to reserve/purchase available options for the upcoming event, CAGV respectfully requests that you complete and submit an Event Response Form at the bottom of the invitation. The form can be completed by hand or by using your computer (tablets & smartphones too).  Start by clicking the thumbnail of the form (PDF file) to view/download with your computer/device.
(Adobe Reader recommendedalso available for iOS & Android.)

HELPFUL TIPS:  With a ‘modern” web-browser this will open in a new browser window (tab).  We recommend you click the appropriate icon that will download the file to your computer/device before you begin to complete the form.  Locate the downloaded file and open with your program of choice.  (Adobe’s Reader recommended – also available for iOS & Android.)

Step 3: Submit Your Event Response Form

Forms must be received by CAGV on/or before Sept 20th! [Ads by Sept 18th!]

3A: OLD-SCHOOL COMPLETE BY HAND & MAIL (Option A on the form)
If you prefer to complete the hard copy of our invitation/form delivered by the US Postal Service or the online version by hand, locate and open the downloaded file, print it, provide the requested details and then send it with a check payable to CAGV via the US Postal Service to: CAGV • PO Box 699 • Summerland, CA 93067.

3B: HIGH-TECH COMPLETE, PRINT & MAIL (Also Option A on the form)
After you have downloaded the PDF file, open it with your computer (Adobe Reader recommended), provide the information requested and then print the form and send via the US Postal Service to: CAGV • PO Box 699 • Summerland, CA 93067.  If applicable, include your PayPal Transaction # on the form OR enclose a check (money order!) payable to CAGV. (See * 3C about how to save a copy with your data.)

3C: HIGH-TECH COMPLETE & SUBMIT (Option B on the form)
Once you have entered all of the pertinent information in your form, including the PayPal Transaction # from your PayPal confirmation email, near the very bottom look for Option B instructions. [*Open FILE menu and select ‘SAVE-AS’ the PDF file with your data and when prompted give it a unique file name – replace “RE” at the end with your name’s initials: Ex: CAGVsb_24thAE_InviteForm_JDS.pdf].  Lastly, with the newly-renamed file still open, click on the CAGV logo at the bottom right on the form.Follow the prompt to select your preferred method to create a new email, pre-addressed to CAGV with your newly-renamed PDF file already attached.


Be there (CAGV-2019 Annual Fundraiser Event) or be square… 

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