On Sunday, September 25th, artists and activists will band together for the #ConcertAcrossAmerica to #EndGunViolence with a series of live coast to coast concerts in over 200 cities across the nation, brought together by social media.   Join us at the iconic Arlington Theatre to and be an eyewitness to a musically historic event!!  Let’s #RockItToStopIt!

The #ConcertAcrossAmerica to #EndGunViolence 09/25/2016
Arlington Theatre, 
Santa Barbara 7PM


Buy tickets today ($25 and up) at the Arlington box office:  (805) 963-4408

Partners of the Concert Across America, 
Santa Barbara
Coalition Against Gun Violence – Santa Barbara
National Association of Social Workers – Santa Barbara
Helene Schneider, Mayor of the City of Santa Barbara
Salud Carbajal, Supervisor, County of Santa Barbara
The Honorable Joyce E. Dudley, District Attorney of Santa Barbara County
Safety For All – 2016 California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s ballot initiative
AHA! Attitude, Harmony, Achievement - Santa Barbara
The Guitar Bar – Santa Barbara
Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County
Naked Voices, UCSB
Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara
Girls, Inc of Greater Santa Barbara
Arlington Theater
The Fund for Santa Barbara
Barnaby Draper Photography
League of Women Voters 
Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee 
Santa Barbara Women's Lawyers 
The Alternatives to Violence 
Glendon Association
Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center

More to Come!