On September 25, 2016, in concert venues across the country -- from Church Sanctuaries, to Concert Halls, to Road Houses, and Barn Hootenanny's, Americans from all walks of life will be gathering to raise our voices to end gun violence.    Our purpose is singular, our voices diverse: we are all, everyone of us, tragically affected by the gun violence epidemic that continues to ravage our country:
The numbers don’t lie:   
Every year, more than 33,000 Americans are killed by guns.   
That’s 91 Americans a day. 
And, on average, 7 of those 91 precious souls are children.  
Each of us is 25 times more likely to die by gun than in any other developed country on earth.
With your help, we can ensure that everyone here in Santa Barbara County -- especially our children - - can join us at the Arlington Theatre for this national celebration of unity, peace, and safety for all.  We want to fill the iconic Arlington Theatre with the joyful, hopeful refrains of a large, eclectic pool of local talent and our fill every seat with members of our loving community.
When you become a Concert Across America, Santa Barbara Sponsor, children, survivors, and families from across Santa Barbara County can be part of a national sing-out (there are more than 80 concerts from Maine to Alaska already scheduled and the roster grows daily:   We can, if we open our hearts and lift our voices, end gun violence. Here’s how you can get involved:

On Sunday, September 25th, artists and activists will band together for the #ConcertAcrossAmerica to #EndGunViolence with a series of live coast to coast concerts in over 200 cities across the nation, brought together by social media.   Join us at the iconic Arlington Theatre to and be an eyewitness to a musically historic event!!  Let’s #RockItToStopIt!

The #ConcertAcrossAmerica to #EndGunViolence 09/25/2016
Arlington Theatre, 
Santa Barbara 7PM

Buy tickets today ($25 and up) at the Arlington box office:  (805) 963-4408


Partners of the Concert Across America, 
Santa Barbara
Coalition Against Gun Violence – Santa Barbara
National Association of Social Workers – Santa Barbara
Helene Schneider, Mayor of the City of Santa Barbara
Salud Carbajal, Supervisor, County of Santa Barbara
The Honorable Joyce E. Dudley, District Attorney of Santa Barbara County
Safety For All – 2016 California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s ballot initiative
AHA! Attitude, Harmony, Achievement - Santa Barbara
The Guitar Bar – Santa Barbara
Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County
NASW -SB (National Association of Social Workers)
Naked Voices, UCSB
Gun Violence Task Force of the USSB
Girls, Inc of Greater Santa Barbara
Arlington Theater
The Fund for Santa Barbara
Barnaby Draper Photography
League of Women Voters 
Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee 
Santa Barbara Women's Lawyers 
The Alternatives to Violence 
Glendon Association
Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center
​First Congregational Church of Santa Barbara
Gauchos Against Gun Violence 
IV Community Resource 
IV Strong
Just Communities 
La Casa de Maria Retreat and Conference Center
The Arlington Theatre 
The Fund for Santa Barbara 
TV Santa Barbara 
YStrive for Youth, Inc
New Friendship Missionary Church
Yellow Tape Project to Stop Gun Violence

More to Come! 


Concert Across America 

Committee Members

Bill Allen
Melissa Barthelemy
Bennett Barthelemy
Ken Berris
Mike Braniger
Liz Butcher
Maggie Cazares
Sam Cazares
Steve Cloud
Marni Cooney
Kathy Corcoran
Melissa Cunningham
Janet Eckhouse
Tipper Gore
Molly Green
Nancy Grinstein
Emily Heckman
Amy Holbrook
Kristin Kirby
Dave Jenkins
Beryl Kreisel
Diane Larson
Sarah Maiani
Patrick Maiani
Steve Macfadyen
Spencer Mermelstein
Hale Milgrim
Lisa Newman
Amara Parris
Celine Parris
Sophie Pearson
Christina Pizarro
Tom Piozet
Harry Rabin
Marjan Riazi
Jason Saltoun-Ebin
Ann Taves
Stan Taylor
Lori Tutor
Mike Warner
Jill Wayne
Bob Weiss
Mad Academy Students