Principles, Goals and Agenda for Action


Freedom from fear is a basic human right.

People of all races, classes, ages, and sexual orientation and in all communities have the right to be free from gun violence in homes, schools, workplaces, and on the streets.

Gun violence must be addressed as a health, safety, social, and economic problem. It costs our nation thousands of lives and billions of dollars every year.

The unacceptable levels of gun violence require a public health approach to education and prevention, including addressing the easy availability of handguns, assault weapons, and ammunition.


The goals of the Coalition Against Gun Violence are to create a safer community by combating gun violence through educational activities and to advocate for effective local, state and national programs, policies, and legislation.

Agenda for Action

  • To raise awareness throughout the entire community — children, teens and adults — that the spreading epidemic of gun violence is a menace to us all, and that combatting it requires each of us to take a stand;
  • To counter advertising campaigns by the gun lobby and gun manufacturers encouraging gun acquisition through education about the risks associated with gun ownership;
  • To expose the culture and impact of gun violence and its glorification in all media, including movies, TV, videos, music, magazines, and electronic games, and to work for remedies;
  • To encourage legislators at all levels of government to make the effective prevention of gun violence a high priority.
  • To work with local law enforcement agencies and organizations that focus on crime prevention;
  • To support state and national violence prevention organizations to eliminate gun violence;
  • To help promote strategies which limit easy access to guns in our community.