Steering & Advisory Committees


  • Toni Wellen - Chair
  • Sissy Taran - Treasurer
  • Carol Hershey - Recording Secretary
  • Sondra Aggeler, Gwat Bhattacharjie, Eduardo Cue, Edith Kay, Dorie Kirtman, Mary Ann Neilsen, Christina Pizarro, Pat Robertson, Martha Rogers, Chris Silverstein, Justine J. Tompkins, and Arline Young.


  • Kathy Beh, William J. Cirone, Barbie Deutsch, Grace Florez, Michael Furlong, Ph.D., Ghita Ginberg, Elaine Gordon, Jean Hane, Shane Jimmerson, Ph.D., Nancy Lessner, Laura Lynch, Sheila Lodge, Danuta McCall, Michael Purvis, Susan Rose, Selma Rubin, Zelda Ryan, Sandy Stahl, Jean Sturgeon

This website is published by the Coalition Against Gun Violence, a non-profit coalition united against gun violence and committed to creating a safer community for Santa Barbara County residents.

All members volunteer their time. All funds are donations that come from interested and dedicated individuals.


Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Action Alerts, Newsletters

Toni Wellen - Editor-in-Chief
Carol Hershey - Editor, E-Mail Action Alerts
Christina Pizarro, Blogster

Laura Lynch - Editor, Desktop Publisher

Matt Glaser - Webmaster

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