Steering & Advisory Committees


  • Toni Wellen, Chair
  • Christine Orpen, Treasurer
  • Sally Hearon, Secretary 
  • Tony Nicoletti, Treasurer
  • Carol Nicoletti, Events Coordinator
  • Tatiana Fenkner, Daniel Fitzgibbon,  Membership
  • Daniel Fitzgibbon, Christina Pizarro, Claudia Pizarro, Public Relations & Media Coordinators
  • Jacqueline Inda, Christina Pizarro, Spanish Language Media Coordinators 
  • Gwat Bhattacharjie, Julie Proctor, Silent Auction Coordinators
  • Marie Dunham, Program Book Ad Coordinator
  • Leslie Bhutani, Edith Kay, Christine Orpen, Rana Rottenberg, and Arline Young.


  • Kathy Beh, William J. Cirone, Eduardo Cue, Michael Furlong, Ph.D., Ghita Ginberg, Elaine Gordon, Jean Hane, Lupe Luna Martinez, Kathleen Modugno, and Susan Rose.

This website is published by the Coalition Against Gun Violence, a non-profit coalition united against gun violence and committed to creating a safer community for Santa Barbara County residents.

All members volunteer their time. All funds are donations that come from interested and dedicated individuals.


Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Action Alerts, Newsletters

  • Toni Wellen – Editor-in-Chief
  • Laura Lynch – Editor, Graphic Design, Desktop Publisher, CAGV Website Managing Editor
  • Rana Rottenberg – Editor
  • Marian Shapiro – Photographer
  • Matt Glaser – Webmaster

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