Remember and Recommit

When you look at the faces of the 20 children and 6 educators of Sandy Hook Elementary School whose lives were so violently taken December 14, 2012, your heart stops, your heart breaks. Sadly each day in America 8 children’s lives are violently ended with a firearm, equivalent to a Sandy Hook every three days. […]

Why So Many Tragic Shootings?

In a recent article, Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria suggested that we must not focus on one tragic shooting event but try to understand why America has so many. We tend to look at three causes after a shooting: the psychology of the killer, America’s culture of violence and easy access to guns. If psychology is […]

Shoot First Stand Your Ground Laws

Shoot First Stand Your Ground Laws

Promote Lawlessness & Impunity for Gun Owners “It’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods.” — Attorney General Eric Holder addressing the annual NAACP convention, condemning Stand-Your-Ground laws Orlando Florida, July 2013.” “Shoot-first laws like those in Florida can inspire dangerous vigilantism and protect […]

How Much is a Child's Life Worth?

How Much is a Child’s Life Worth?

“I am so tired of hearing about Second Amendment rights. You want a gun in your home for self-protection? If you believe in that, go ahead, but remember that contrary to what many people believe, having a gun in the home doesn’t make you safer but instead endangers you and your family. A gun in […]

Concealed Carry Laws Drive Gun Industry Profits

Concealed Carry Laws Drive Gun Industry Profits

Since the death of Trayvon Martin, focus has been on Florida’s 2005 “Stand-Your- Ground” law and its affect in communities. The reality is two laws are involved: 1) lax concealed weapons laws in Florida allowed Zimmerman to carry a weapon; 2) “Stand-Your-Ground” enabled a vigilante aggressive attitude. Both of these laws have been enacted in […]

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