Carson City , NV (9-7-11)

A man armed with an AK-46 assault rifle shot five uniformed National Guard members eating breakfast at an IHOP restaurant. Four people were killed and eight others were wounded in the attack. The owner of a nearby restaurant said, “This happens in third-world countries, not here.”

Copley Township, OH (8-07-11)

Seven people, including an 11-year-old, were slain before police spotted the suspect who engaged the officers in gun fire and was killed. Police said a family argument that led to the shooting rampage had been sparked by out-of-town guests who were there for a family reunion. The gunman was identified as Michael Hance, age 51. [...]

Cupertino, CA (10-5-11)

Shareef Allman, 47, became upset during a safety meeting at Permanente Quarry where he worked. He left and returned with a handgun and rifle and began shooting at the 15 workers at the meeting. He killed 3, Manuel Pinon, 48, John Vallejos, 51 and Mark Munoz, 59. Six others were wounded, some critically. He ditched [...]

Carpinteria , CA (8-29-11)

In Our Own Backyard: Weapons Cache Found. Multiple calls were made by neighbors who heard gunfire in Carpinteria on August 29, 2011. Similar reports had occurred last April. The cache included an AK-47 rifle, an SKS rifle, a fully loaded drum magazine, two loaded banana style magazines for the AK-47 and one banana style magazine [...]

New York, NY (6-09-11)

Tysha Jones, 16 was killed and five men were shot on popular Brighton Beach boardwalk. The area was packed with youths on the annual Brooklyn-Queens Day. Two men approached the victims who were sitting on a bench. Iloune Drive, 19, was apprehended and charged with 2nd –degree murder. The other man is still being sought. [...]

Riverside, CA (9-25-11)

Jeff Hall, age 32 and father of five children was shot at his suburban home by his 10-year-old son. Hall was regional director of the National Socialist Movements, a neo-Nazi group based in Detroit. The boy, who suffered regular beatings by his father, knew exactly where to find the .357 magnum revolver. He told police [...]

Orcutt, CA (8-12-11)

Cinch Machado, age 4 was fatally wounded when his father was clearing his rifle after target shooting. A round appears to have accidently fired, sending a metal fragment into the boy’s eye. Cottage Hospital doctors were unable to save him.

San Diego, CA (8-8-11)

Marine Corps Reserves Captain, Jeremy Henwood was deployed to one of the most dangerous regions in Afghanistan, where Taliban fighters use roadside bombs and snipers to kill or maim American troops. Dozens of Marines were killed and hundreds were grievously wounded during his tour. But Henwood, 34, came home safely. He was pleased to return [...]

Colorado Springs (7-27-11)

T. Michael Arangio, 24, gunned down three teenagers in an SUV; Aaron Fix, 16, Austin Howse, 16 and Wayne Fix, 19. Police learned from his parents that Arangio was hiding in an apartment complex. Arangio killed himself after he was cornered by police.

Connersville, Ind. (7-15-11)

Police said a 5-year-old boy accidentally shot his 2-year-old brother in their home while the parents were home. They said the 5-year-old was familiar with guns and showed officers how he loaded the chamber. “He displayed how you can take the gun and pull it back and he described the handgun very well … Obviously [...]