Our Inspiration
How It Started

Inspired by the Los Angeles Women Against Gun Violence, a group of Santa Barbara women held their first public meeting in December 1994. We were soon organized as Santa Barbara Women Against Gun Violence, a project of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

Our Growth
How CAGV Emerged

Within a year, 21 local organizations had become affiliated with us; by late 2001, there were 36 affiliates. Upon our fifth anniversary, in recognition of the increased participation of men and numerous organizations with both men and women members, we changed our name to Coalition Against Gun Violence. 

Inspired by the increased concerns regarding global terrorism, the Coalition, along with leading gun violence prevention organizations, are focused on gun violence as an international issue.

Our Work
Gun Violence Prevention

The Coalition provides ongoing educational programs and keeps you up-to-date on gun violence issues through:

  • E-mail updates on urgent issues
  • A newsletter
  • A website, blog and Facebook page
  • Discussion groups and public meetings
  • Multimedia presentations to the community